United Arab Emirates
Government: Federation formed in 1971 by seven emirates known as the Trucial States-Abu Dhabi (the largest), Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, and Umm al-Qaiwain.
Geography: The United Arab Emirates, in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, extends along part of the Gulf of Oman and the southern coast of the Persian Gulf. Its neighbors are Saudi Arabia to the west and south, Qatar to the north, and Oman to the east. Most of the land is barren and sandy.
Area: 32,000 sq mi (82,880 sq km)
Population (2003 est.): 2,484,818 (growth rate: 1.5%); birth rate: 18.5/1000; infant mortality rate: 15.6/1000; density per sq mi: 78
Capital (2003 est.): Abu Dhabi, 539,800
Largest city: Dubai, 1,511,700 (metro. area), 906,100 (city proper)
Monetary unit: U.A.E. dirham
Languages: Arabic (official), English as a second language
Ethnicity/race: Emiri 19%, other Arab and Iranian 23%, South Asian 50%, other expatriates (includes Westerners and East Asians) 8% (1982)
Religions: Islam (Sunni 80%, Shi'ite 16%), others 4%
Agriculture: dates, vegetables, watermelons; poultry, eggs, dairy products; fish.
Industries: petroleum, fishing, petrochemicals, construction materials, some boat building, handicrafts, pearling. Natural resources: petroleum, natural gas.


Ministry of Economy and Commerce

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